Bike tours in Säffle

Pick a destination, or just let the road take you out into deep, enthralling forests with beautifully wild and rugged dirt trails with plenty of hills, twists and turns. Enjoy glimpses of water here and there as you pass tranquil woodland pools and lakes. In the clearings there are small cottages and manor houses from olden times. The landscape opens up and you come across chocolate box villages along your chosen route. If you choose the more open landscapes, cycle paths whose verges blossom take you past meadows, farmland and out to the edge of the archipelago.

Take a break, take a dip and find one-of-a-kind places and sights worth seeing along the way. There are more suggestions on our website:


Here is the bike guide for printout and download

Explore Säffle by bike

There is a map for printing or downloading on each route!