Ödebyn - Sillebotten -Svaneholm

Explore the fabulous natural beauty with its deep woods, lakes and ponds, and pass through idyllic villages. The road runs alongside the old railway line. Pilgrims passed through here on their way to Nidaros in Norway, and along the way there are relics from the 13th century Ämmeskog’s chapel.

Parking: Svanskog Folkets Hus, Svanskog church /parish, Ödebyns community center, Strand bathing place, Strandvägen.

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1. Cycle along Storgatan, past the Svanskog Church exit.

2. Follow the signs for Karlstad, Årjäng, about 5.1 km; turn left towards Ödebyn.

3. Turn right; follow sign Norane 9.

4. Follow the small wooden signs Norane 8, E18 9.

5. Turn left at the Norane T junction. 6. Cross the E18, turn left. Heavily trafficked road.

7. After about 800 m, turn left towards Sillebotten 3, Hognerud 21.

8. Keep left; follows signs for Hognerud. 9. Turn left; follow sign Svaneholm 7.

Tip! Take a detour to Rök

Tip! For wild, winding, hilly roads take a detour to Rök. A 8 km ride that will take you you deep into the forests with enchanting views. Elevation 129 m - 223 m.

In Ödebyn, bear left; follow sign Rök 8.

Take a left in Rök; follow signs for Hognerud.

At the T junction by the lake, follows sign Svaneholm 7.

Return via Ödebyn; turn left on Storgatan, then left towards Karlstad, Årjäng.