Säffle - Duse Udde


Bike to Duse Udde

Pump up the tyres, fi ll up the picnic basket and pay a visit to Säffle’s pearl – Duse Udde on the shores of Lake Vänern. A glorious place for cyclists old and young. There are beaches for the kids and sheltered rocky coves. If you tire of swimming, there’s other fun stuff  to enjoy. The countryside has great hiking trails to off er. Today, the lighthouse that has stood here for more than a century is a brilliant restaurant with views across Lake Vänern. Reaching Duse by bike takes you along the Byälven River from the town of Säffle, across open fields and through groves and parks. You pass Krokstad Mansion where the English garden bids you take a break among its lush greenery and natural beauty.

Parking: Säffle Centre, Järnvägsgatan, Fogdegatan.

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1. Cycle through Kanalparken, the park in center, past the lock to Säffle Marina.

2. Follow the footpath and cycle track to Herrgård’s high school.

3. Turn right onto Hantverkargatan, then immediately left onto Metallgatan.

4. Cycle straight ahead past Säffle Ridklubb, Riding Club.

5. Turn right onto Pressargatan; follow the cycle path signs.

Krokstad Herrgård med park

You pass parks belonging to the manor. Krokstad estate is known in written material as early as 1415. Today the manor accommodation facilities with a restaurant, cafe and gallery. Krokstad welcomes you for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat! www.krokstadherrgard.se GPS 59.107923,12.905631

Ideberget, ”Svarte port”

Shortly after Krokstad you pass Ideberget. The area was called “The Black Port”. Here there are several graves of both Bronze Age relics that remains from the Iron Age, however, not visible today. Here goes hiking trail that passes including Ideberget which offers a beautiful view of Säffle canal. GPS 59.091911,12.900524 

Duse Udde

When you reach it fits perhaps with a coffee break. Here are nice places to settle down and unpack the picnic basket. Do you want to barbeque, there is a barbecue at the near the beach. There is also the option to buy both food and refreshments at Duse. Maybe a bath attracts more? If you tire of swimming, there are also other activities to enjoy www.duseuddecamping.se GPS 59.081902,12.888057