Säffle - Hög - Säffle

Take a trip into the countryside, a bike ride just for the pleasure of it all for a bit of exercise. You’ll pass beautiful farms, cultivated fields and secluded woods. After around 8.6 km, you’ll come to a small turn-off. This is a shortcut to Säffle.

Parking: Säffle town centre, Järnvägsgatan, Fogdegatan, By Church.

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1. Take the Östra Storgatan cycle tracks.

2. Straight ahead at the roundabout, right at the traffic lights onto Näsvägen.

3. Alternatively, turn right onto Sundsgatan, then right onto Näsvägen.

4. There is a foot path and cycle track after around 530 m.

5. Turn left alongside By Church grounds, public road.

6. Turn left at the intersection; follow sign Säffle 7.

7. After 1.4 km exit left between the house and the outbuildings, minor gravel road.

8. Turn left onto Treabacksvägen at the T junction.

9. Continue straight ahead; turn right on Tallvägen.

10. Cycle track and foot path on left of Stamvägen, Karlstadsvägen.