Säffle - Kila – Berga

If you’re looking for a bike ride that offers a bit of resistance – this is the route for you. The road runs through beautiful, changing landscape from lowlands to hills that place demands on your strength. It’s not surprising that roller ski races are held on this stretch. The exit to the cycle track/ road to Säffle is in Berga, just before the E45 intersection. After your legs have had their workout, it’s time for a bite to eat or a coffee when you reach town.

Parking: Saffle centre, Kila church, Entré Guttane.

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1. From Säffle town centre, take Annelundsvägen towards Kila.

2. Turn left towards Åmål 19, Vickersrud 6 Highway 531.

3. Exit right before the E45 Berga intersection;  follow the signs for Risa 2, immediately to the right towards the cycle track/road.

4. Turn left towards Säffle.

5. Cycle path becomes privately owned up ahead.

6. The cycle path ends at the barrier; continue straight ahead through Avelsäter past Entré Guttane, shopping area.

7. Cycle tracks to Säffle centre.