Säffle - Sjövik

Cycle around Sjövik. Perfect for exercise or just for a quiet tour of the country. Follow the delightful route through woods, past paddocks and grazing horses. Along the way, inquisitive cows keep a curious eye on you; they even have their very own cattle crossing. Just make sure you don’t end up in a bovine “rushhour”. The road leads up hill and down dale here and there to give your legs a workout. Cycle back to Säffle via the cycle track and road from Kasenberg.

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Parking: Säffle town centre, Järnvägsgatan, Fogdegatan, Entré Guttane.


1. From the town centre, take Kungsgatan/ Åmålsvägen. Cycle track alternates from left to right side.

2. Take Åmålsvägen straight ahead, towards Avelsäter.

3. Pass the builders’ merchant, JLB, exit left, Skärsmyr 5.

4. Pass Dottebol, keep right, follow signs for Kasenberg, St. Kilen.

5. Cross the E 45. Caution! Heavy traffic. Turn right on the cycle path; continue under the E45.

6. Turn left towards Säffle. Cycle track / road.

7. At the boom, continue straight ahead, public road through Avelsäter.