Cycling in Säffle

Are you going on a bike or have you bike with you, there are great opportunities for good experiences from the saddle. There are both gravel and asphalt roads to bike on. Why not cycle Värmlandsnäs around? Download to your mobile or print. We have more suggestions so feel free to come to us in Säffle tourist office for more tips!

For those of you who want to bike to Åmål or come from Åmål, there is a single cycle path along the E45. Ramp for the cycle path in Åmål is through Bergsängsvägen north of the center.  The bike path goes through the tunnel alternating way on both sides of the E45. When you get to Säffle goes way over the normal road at Avelsäter, Åmålsvägen.  Continue straight ahead past the company JLB Bygg, Getebol and Guttane - where the Entrance Säffle Trade Park is located and into residential area Norelund. To get to Säffle center cycling straight ahead, passing over Industrigatan. Do you want to cool off in Lake Vänern you can do so at Getebols bathing place.
Here is Säffle map with on / exit to the individual cycle route between Åmal and Säffle

Do you want to take a longer trip between Åmål and Säffle? We recommended to cycle around Sjövik to Säffle. Continue on the cycle path / the road by Kasenberg to take the path to Sjövik or take a right towards Árbol before coming into village Kasenberg. Here is a little shortcut way around Sjövik. See map view of Eniro. Follow signs Skärsmyr and Dottebol and on to Avelsäter then toward Säffle city.

Cycling and hiking / walking trail to Krokstad Manor and Duse Udde. The approximately 7 km long trail runs through the Krokstad Manor beautiful park along with Byälven. The surface is gravel and asphalt. The trail begins at Säterivägen, passes just below the Water plant at Pressaregatan.  During the summer you can get a bite to eat in the afternoon at Vagnslidret, Krokstad Manor. Once at the Duse Udde, there are more opportunities to eat or snack at the lighthouse restaurant, Fyrens Restaurang. Download a map or a more detailed information with map over Säffle city and the walking/cycling path here.  For the map only -
Säffle map with marking of cycling path to Duse Udde. Do not forget your bathing suit, there are both sandy and rocky beaches on Duse Udde at the Lake Vänern. 

Want to discover the coastal landscape at Lake Vänern? Then you like this tour, on Värmlandsnäs. Värmlandsnäs is a beautiful peninsula with mil of lovely beaches and in the southwest side an archipelago of small islands, unique among all European lakes. From Säffle out to Ekenäs Värmlandsnäs is 4o km. The road winds through the beautiful countryside between fertile fields and stretches of forest. There are a lot of attractions and interesting as relics from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In the Middle Ages when the pilgrims made their way from Västergötland to Norway, they wandered through Värmlandsnäs among other routes. Probably they stopped at churches in Millesvik or Botilsäter which can still be seen today. Today's Värmlandsnäs also offer experiences, Culture barn in Ölserud, hiking trails on Ekenäs opportunity to go over to archipelago Lurö with Luröbåten, good food and refreshments on Ekenäs guest harbor & camping, pilgrim trails, farm shops and fine beaches. The roads are both gravel and asphalt. Here is a link to suggestions for tour on Värmlandsnäs

Discover the beautiful surroundings of Värmland Nysäter by bicycle. Nysäter Bicycles have put together suggested routes, easier and shorter, to longer and demanding trips around the area. Here you can also rent mountain bikes. Here is the direct link to Nysäter Bicycles.

Cycling in Glaskogen nature reserve. The reserve is located in Årjäng, Arvika and Säffle Municipality. The small gravel roads winding along the lakes and through the woods gives a total nature experience with opportunities to see wildlife. Hiking trails are not suitable for cycling. Visit the Information Centre in Lenungshammar, they will show you which roads are especially adapted for tours on mountain bikes. Glaskogen Card is your ticket to the nature reserve. With the card, you may use the reserve shelters, picnic areas, cabins, rubbish bins, dry toilets and firewood. The money you pay goes directly to the care and maintenance of the Glaskogen nature reserve. We recommend that you buy the map of Glaskogen nature reserve! Here is a direct link to Glaskogen suggestions for bike tours.

Lantmäteriets /National Land Survey map is recommended, to buy at Säffle tourist office.