Hike in Säffle

Welcome to hike in Säffle! The trails around the municipality not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy the journey, it's a great way also to discover; nature, history and culture. Walk the shore of Lake Vänern, in deep forests, up the high mountains or discover our city. Anything is possible - to walk in nature is amazing. We have collected tips and suggestions for great hiking suitable for both children and adults, everyday tour, weekend and holiday tour. Download the suggestions to your mobile phone or print, many tours are downloadable as a PDF on this page. Visit us, Säffle Tourist Office, for more information on hiking trails!

Walking and cycling to Duse Udde

Put on good walking shoes, pump the tires on the bike, bring your picnic basket and make a visit to Säffle pearl - Duse Udde with sand beach and cliffs. Here are detailed walking - and cycle route map with information and small city map. Link to tour
Here you can download a single map at walking - and cycle path to Duse Udde

Hiking trails at Duse Udde 

Hike at beatiful Duse Udde. The trail is between 1,6 and 8,3 km. Download to your mobile or print. Link to map of trails

Playful hiking in Säffle and at Duse Udde

Pack your picnic bag and take the children for a treasure hunt or, bathing and pitch and putt. Nature is full of surprises and exciting adventures! Link to tour

Hike at Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs Åkershus - Ladholmen

Bring a picnic basket and bath clothing for the break at Ladholmen where you are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Vänern. 

It also has one of the best sand beaches in Säffle municipality. Link to tour

Lönnskog, Långserud

Here there are great hiking trails from easy to go to the more demanding, as the trail to the gold mine Stone gruvan. Whichever part you choose, you get a piece of history. The trails are well maintained. Brochure available at tourist office 

Glaskogen Naturreservat

Glaskogen has miles of hiking trails for both long and short trips. Glaskogs card is your ticket to the nature reserve. With the card, you may use the reserve shelters, picnic areas, cabins, bins, dry toilets and wood. The money you pay goes directly to the care and maintenance of Glaskogen nature reserve. We recommend that you buy Glaskogs map! Read more about Glaskogen on www.glaskogen.se/en/

Pilgrim trail

Pilgrim trail southern Värmlandsnäs

Here we have selected a section of the trail that can fit as a tour for 1-2 days. Go all or part of it. The bus will take you back to Ekenäs or Säffle. Link to tour

Pilgrim trail Kila - Nysäter

This part starts at Kila church. It runs along beautiful roads through the country landscape and passing unique and worth seeing von Echstedtska estate in Västra Smedbyn. Link to tour