With your own boat in Vänern

In Europe's largest lake archipelago are many delightful places to visit! Experience the unique environment Lurö! Hike, swim, eat well or go to a museum, here you will find both tranquility and activity. 

Lurö is an island in the middle Vänern and included in Lurö archipelago. Vänern Archipelago is Europe's largest lake archipelago, and Lurö located on the border between Dalbosjön in the west and Värmlandsjön to the east by eight mil to Vänersborg and a little further to Kristinehamn. Lurö and the surrounding archipelago is set aside as nature reserves to protect the natural and cultural values. Photo of boat in Vänern by Mattias Holster. If you are arriving by boat has Luröskärgårdens Nature and Culture Association gathered some of the best places in the Lurö archipelago that are worth a stop. The web site is in swedish. 

Among the recommended ports of a visit to the island Vithall - "Island of Happiness". The siblings Gustav and Matilda Svensson grew up and lived their entire lives in the small fishing cabin on Vithall and they were the last owner.

It was their mother "Beautiful Anna" who gave the island the nickname "Island of Happiness". The siblings moved from Vithall moved from Vithall 1959. 
The oldest cottage was built in 1822 and was moved from island Djurö and may be among the oldest settlements on the islands of Lake Vänern. The cottage is now an unusual museum and the door to the house is always open and shows how the siblings Gustav and Matilda once lived and worked on the island. The guestbook is on the table testify to many visitors. In the summer, you can also meet at Higland cattle here.

Take a break at Aspholmen where there is a private marina where you can take a shower and buy ice cream and smoked fish. Aspholmen is a real gem with a thriving boating in the summer. It features well-protected guest harbor with room for up to 20 boats and both toilet and rubbish bins.

We can also recommend a barbecue on Floghall , the club of Säffle motor boat Society own place, where there is also a small overnight rooms. On Sandön at the Säffle Sailing Club association own place, is also the most part a " boat family" could wish for - plenty of docks and patio with barbecue. On Lurö you have a natural harbor Bösshamn or the guest pier on Stenstaka to add to. Here you find Lurö Gästhärbärge & Pub where you can stay overnight and eat some good food. Also on Luröbryggan you can eat something good.

Bärön Millesviks archipelago is worth a visit. Bärön is the largest island measuring about 1, 7 km from west to east and has a width of about 1 km. Lurö Nature and Culture Association leases, operates and is behind the restoration of buildings and conservation of the cultural landscape of the island.

If you do not have the opportunity to take your own boat ther are regular boat traffic from Ekenäs at Värmlandsnäs. There are daily boat connections with Luröbåten - from midsummer until August. There is no regular traffic from Västergötland but if you want you can go over to Läckö Slott over the day also depature from Ekenäs.

Do not miss taking a detour up in Säffle Canal in time for one of the many summer events! Säffle marina is situated right in the center was appointed in 2012 to Vänern best marina!

Feel free to download the beautiful brochure Vänern´s Islands. In this you can read more about the islands Lurö, Storön and Brommö.