Beaver Safari with Tandem Kayak

Beaver Safari in the summernight from the tandem kayak
We start at dusk by the sandy beach and paddle in to River Byälven for example. With company of a lot of birds as herons, cranes, mallards and geese. We paddle through water lilies and between reeds. The wind direction decides how to paddle as beaver has got a fantastic anosmia. We discover traces from beavers as beaver huts, gnaws from beavers and aisles into the reeds. Beavers search for food at night. We pass two beaver territories with swimming beavers. Suddenly they descry us and with a giant splash with their huge tail they disappear down in the water.

We provide full paddle gear. Wear good shoes or wellingtons and bring camera and binoculars if you want. We paddle tandem kayaks this tour. Max 7 participants with 2 guides. Exclusive experience!
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Byälven, Säffle kommun
Municipality: Säffle
Byälven är ca 9 mil lång från Vänern vid Duse Udde till innersta hamn in Arvika. I Säffle centrum finns ett av Norden bästa gösfiske.
Byälven börjar vid Duse Udde och går genom centrum av Säffle.
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Byälven, Säffle kommun
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