Blueberries - Gillberga Bär

Cultured blueberries for yourself picking
Cultured blueberries for yourself picking. These berries are originally from America and are larger than those in Europe wild varieties. The bushes will be just over a meter high. These features combined with the berries grow in clusters and are firm flesh make them extremely easy picking. It is quick and fun to pick up a few gallons! Blueberry season varies depending on the weather. Call to find out the availability of berries. We take debit cards and cash.

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Open during the season.
Gillberga Bär
Väg 643, Kålsäter
661 95 Värmlands Nysäter
Väg 175 Nysäter - Gillberga Bär
Väg 643
661 95 Värmlands Nysäter
Municipality: Säffle
Gillberga Bär ligger längs väg 175, mellan Värmlands Nysäter och Arvika. 4,4 km norr om Nysäter strax innan (eller efter) Trehörningen och Gillberga kyrka. Håll utkik efter vår vita skylt längs vägen
Väg 175 mot Nysäter vidare mot Arvika, avfart vänster mot Kålsäter. Följ skyltning
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Pricetype: Kilo
Price: 80 kr
The blueberries costs 80 SEK / kg ( approximately 2 liters)