Fishing in Lake Harefjorden, Säffle

The fishing grounds in Säffle offers you a fishing which is varied and range of variation.
Harefjorden is located between Säffle in the south and Glafsjorden in the north which then goes up to Arvika. Harefjorden is best known for its abundance of pike but also perch and pike are available.
There is access to boat ramps for the whole of the Lake and through the sluice in Säffle has been connected with Vänern.
For complete information on fishing rules in Harefjorden in English and German see documents on right side.

Fishing license entitles only to artisanal fishing. News from March 2, 2016 - annual pass valid one year ahead of the print date!

Prohibition to fish pike-perch throughout the area from 25 April to 15 June. Caught Walleye during prohibition should be released.

- Minimum size: Pike perch 45 cm, salmon and trout 60 centimeters. Catch the minimum size re-exposed.

- Catch of aspen, alder and Crayfish are prohibited throughout the year.

- When fishing from a boat is limited bait to 4 moves.

- Maximum of 3 Zander per person per day may be caught.

- Maximum 4 Zander per crews and day may be caught.

- Max 2 rod per person boat.

- Until the year you turn 15 years is not required fishing licenses.

Infringement penalties:

Inspection fee of 400 SEK including equipment and fish are seized. Compliance is checked by the County Board appointed fishing supervisors. Netting is allowed only for those who have been fishing or family card for locals and residents in summer cottages. Go to for more information.
Opening hours
All year
Harefjorden, Säffle kommun
661 94 Säffle
Municipality: Säffle
Från Högsäters färja i norr till Gamla tegelbruket (ovan Nordic Paper) i söder. Harefjorden är beläget mellan Säffle i söder och Glafsjorden i norr som sedan går upp till Arvika. Harefjorden är mest känd för sin rika tillgång på gös, men även abborre och gädda finns det gott om. Asp, brax, mört, ruda och löja är också fiskar man kan att få på kroken här.
Väg 545, väg 175.
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