Fishing in Svanskog FVO Säffle

Welcome to fish in the Svansjöarnas Fishery Conservation. These tranquil lakes' water is suitable for the whole family and is situated in the easily accessible nature.
The fishing grounds in Säffle offers you a fishing which is varied and range of variation. If you buy a fishing licence you are allowed to fish. Fishing licenses can be bought online at iFiske.en and private individuals see web

All fishing license we sell are digital and receipt delivered to you as email and a normal text message shortly before the Fishing takes effect.

Fishing license vendors have information have records of fishing license prices, fishing regulations, maps, boat rental etc. A valid fishing license shall be carried on in fisheries and at their request for fishing supervisor and owners of fishing rights.

The lakes you´re allowed to fish in are; -Gransjön (Gransjön, Källbysjön, Mosstjärnet, Höklidstjärnet, Baronertjärn and parts of Drögsjön), which contains pike, perch, sarv, bream, burbot and roach.
-Svansjöarna (Svansjöarna, Eldan, Lången, Ämmeskogsjön), which contains pike, perch, tench, s.bream, asp, sarv, bream, eel, pikeperch ide and roach.
-Ömmeln, which contains pike, perch and roach. Please note: Between April 24 and June 15 it is forbidden to fish Pike Perch.

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Fiska i Svansjöarnas FVO och Gransjön, Svansjöarna, Ömmeln.
662 95 Svanskog
Municipality: Säffle
Flertalet sjöar ingår i detta Fiskevårdsområde.
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Pricetype: Day
Price: 50 kr
Per perso
Pricetype: Week
Price: 150 kr
Per person
Pricetype: Year
Price: 300 kr
Per person