Hike on Ekenäs at Åkershus - and Ladholmen

Hike at shore of Lake Vänern at Värmlandsnäs. The trails offer panoramic views of Lake Vänern. Easy hike suitable for the whole family.
On the southern tip of Värmlandsnäs there are four different routes: The first trail starts at Ekenäs and is about 1 km long. The trail goes out to Ladholmens southern tip and offer a panoramic view beyond Vänern. There is a shelter with barbecue facilities. This part of the trail is additionally handicapped accessible.

The second trail, Åkershusleden, folds of the road after about 500 meters and go around Ladholmen. From this point there is a detour to Ladholmens finest vantage point, a unique promontory in the middle of Lake Vänern. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view over Vänern, Lurö archipelago, the National Park Djurö the east and Kinnekulle in the south. The trail is about 2 km and ends at Åkershus bathing area, the area's best beach.

Here, at Åkershus bathing, starting the third trail which is about 1.3 km, and extends up to Vitsand. The bay at Vitsand offers a beautiful view over Vänern. There are also shelters and prepared barbecue facilities.
From the parking lot at Åkershus can also walk a shorter part directly to Ekenäs. This trail is approximately 1 km long and goes along with the field. The trail is a nice option to go for swimmers who do not want to go on the road, or for those who just want to walk a shorter swing. Map material: Säffle municipality map, free.
Opening hours
Year round. No snow plowing
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
Ekenäs, Värmlandsnäs
661 91 Säffle
Municipality: Säffle
Therese Tingberg
Ekenäs på Värmlandsnäs är ett attraktivt besöksmål. Här finns vandringsleder, gästhamn, restaurang med mera. Avgångshamn för reguljära båtturer och charterturer till Vänerns öar och skärgårdar.
Från Säffle centrum följ skyltning mot Ekenäs
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