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The natural way for humans has always been to travel on the water. Share the experience in a kayak with us - Nordic Eco Tours
The natural way for humans, has always been, to travel on the water. Share the experience with us in a kayak in summer and skating in winter. Sweden has 96 000 lakes, more than 200 000 km coastline and lots of water systems waiting for us. Join us in or on water – from salty rocks on the West Coast to the big lakes Vänern and Vättern. We strengthen the experience and learn about nature and culture in the most diverse environments in all seasons. We capture the moment! In our water rich country we find the silence and tranquility that makes all our senses activated. We head out on activities where body and soul meet.

Thorsten Gansing is a Forester and a Natural Resource Teacher. He has been working with Outdoor Education for more than 30 years.
Birgitta Gustafsson is a teacher and educated Nature Experience Guide. She has been working with people throughout her career.

We build the experience along with your trip suggestions below. 1 to 5 day expedition. All equipment and meals are included in the experience. Read more on our web site http://nordicecotours.com/
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Bokning för privata grupper och företag.
Säffle kommun
Kanaltorget 1
661 30 Säffle
Municipality: Säffle
Säffle kommuns Stadshus ligger vid Kanaltorget, centalt belägt i Säffle.
Avfart mot centrum från E45 vid Billerudsgatan, sväng vänster på Västra Storgatan
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